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A little annoyed


Hi everyone. I haven’t been here in a year.Just wanted to stop by and see what’s going on and let off a little steam. I am usually a pretty positive person, and have no problem blowing off any negativity that comes my way, but I feel like there is never going to be enough awareness about Fibromyalgia. I know there has been more awareness among researchers, and doctors who finally have made it aware that Fibromyalgia is a real chronic long-term illness, but my annoyance is at others who refuse to acknowledge Fibro.

Two days ago I was on a Fibro Awareness Facebook page. There was this cruel woman on there who goes by the user name, fibromyalgia is not a diagnosis, she also has her own Facebook page with the link fibromyalgiamyass.com, or fibromyass.com. Anyway, she was on the Fibro awareness page Mocking, ridiculing, and arguing with people. Then on her own Facebook page, she and her little minions sit there and post the meanest things, and make fun of those with Fibro. They think Fibro is fake and we just want attention.

I know Fibromyalgia is known as an invisible illness, but seriously its not that hard to figure out. I know some people lack common sense, but this is ridiculous. There are millions of us who have fibro, and suffer many of the unusual symptoms along with the main symptoms of fatigue and pain, and have all the tests done to rule everything else out. It would be pretty hard for all of us to be going through this and make it all up. We must of all got together in our secret room, and come up with this great master plan to be in pain, and suffer from exhaustion 24/7, plus other symptoms, just to see the response we would get from others. Yeah that has to be it. I don’t know about you guys, but it has always been a dream of mine to be hit with a chronic illness. Oh, and I definitely wanted the illness that takes years to diagnose, one that is hard for others to understand, one that is invisible, and one that leaves me exhausted and in pain 24/7. Yep, that’s been my goal, and my golly I achieved it, said no one ever.

Anyway, I am 44 years old now and have been suffering with Fibromyalgia since I was 20 years old. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised there are still people out there that just don’t understand or flat out refuse to believe it. I know it took many years for MS and Lupus to be taken seriously, but when is it Fibromyalgia’s turn?

Well, I feel better now, lol. Sorry for the long rant, and thank you for listening.

Hugs, Shelly


Remember, not matter what she says DO NOT ANSWER HER!

It takes two to tangle, refuse to give her that satisfaction of getting attention from you. Nothing is more annoying then being IGNORED!

Or, I believer it was PT Barnum who said “Never argue with a stupid person, they’ll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”



Thank you for your reply. You are right, it is better to just ignore someone like that, especially someone as stupid as her, lol. That’s why I had to come here and rant. I did not want my energy wasted on her.



I agree, don’t respond to it! There seems like there maybe something else going on with her, i.e. a family member or someone she knows & possibly dislikes that has Fibro. It seems a little odd to take so much time out of your life to be doing this to this extreme.


Yes, I agree. My first thought was that she must have a family member, maybe a friend, or co-worker who has fibro, and probably has not believed or shown any sympathy for them from day one.


WE know it’s real. This facebook person has probably had many things in her life that she hates and froths at the mouth about. A person like that is dangerous to animals, children, and yes, even fibro adults. don’t give her any satisfaction of a reply. She is getting some weird satisfaction out of arguing with people. I’ve had fibro for 35-38 years now and am glad you came HERE to vent. carolyn


Shelly, I can’t even imagine what kind of screw that individual has loose to act that way. It would be upsetting. This sounds like annoying advice your mom would give, but I would totally avoid any encounter with her and her nasty, negative thoughts on the matter. Part of effective self-care is to be places where you receive warmth and support, and totally avoid the kind of negativity that’s going to upset, because you KNOW that is highly likely to make symptoms worse. I know my pain has a twitchy trigger finger. There are a number of excellent forums around for FMS, don’t even go to that fb one. Take care of you.


Yes we definitely know it’s real. My first thought was to come here and vent. I’d rather vent to people that will listen, support, and know what I am going through.


Lynne, I have not been back to that Facebook page. Something is seriously wrong with that woman. I feel bad for the others on that page. They were drawn into her negativity, and kept arguing with her. You are right, we must take care of ourselves. Emotional stress triggers my symptoms, I try avoid it the best I can.


Glad to hear it, Shelly. It’s so tempting, especially with an illness like FMS where there are SO many variables, and so many unknowns, and so many differences from one sufferer to the next, to spread ourselves ALL over the place looking for answers. I realized at one point that I was subjecting myself to, in one instance, the crazy micro-focus and obsessiveness in one group (exhausting!!) as well as rules being posted about the very strict manner in which you were allowed to obsess about gluten. (2 different groups.) You could lose your mind. It’s important to educate yourself, but keep a soft focus, because as you know, FMS and Anxiety are BFFs. Anxiety is that one friend who comes to the gathering, talks too loud, has a shrieking laugh, drinks too much, and ruins everything. Don’t invite that friend again!

Hugs and hope to you all this Mother’s Day.
Xx — Lynne


P.S. Wow. I just went to that page that Shelly mentioned. They are fraudulently using the name and logo of the American College of Rheumatology. Their rhetoric is outrageous. I have reported them to the real ACR. Again, what kind of lunatic would go to those lengths to cause that kind of trouble?



Yes, Anxiety and FMS get along great. Thankfully, my Anxiety has been better. I use to have horrible Anxiety with panic attacks, especially during a Fibro flare. This illness is so exhausting. I have slowly learned my limits and how to pace myself throughout the day. There are times though that I over do it and pay for it.

Wow, I just read your post below. I didn’t even notice that they are fraudulently using the name and logo of the American College of Rheumatology. What a bunch of weirdo’s. Thank you for reporting them. I just don’t understand people who enjoy making fun of others in pain. Like you, I don’t get why they feel the need to go to those lengths.

Hugs to you as well, and I hope you had a great Mothers Day