A Hug

A hug feels good. Dispels loneliness. Overcomes fears. Builds self-esteem, (wow! they actually want to hug me! Slows down aging. Huggers stay younger longer. Eases tension. Fights insomnia. Keeps arms and shoulder muscles in condition (unless you have fibromyalgia). Is democratic - anyone is eligable for a hug. Is portable. Affirms physical being. Is energy efficient, saves heat. Makes impossible days possible. Makes happy days happier. A hug makes you feel good all day!

This was given to me by a friend. The words in brackets are mine!!! Although I like hugs I always say, “please be gentle with me” I hope this makes someone smile, it did for me.


Hehe, nice! I immediately tried it, but turned “they” into “I”, bit of stroking, too - that way I can choose how long and can spare the “gentle” bit. ;-D :smile_cat: But getting hugs from others is OK too :sunglasses:

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Sending you a BIG BIG BIG hug, Rosebud! And, you too Jay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
See! The electronic hugs don’t hurt a bit!!! :star_struck:
I feel younger already!

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Thank you AusssieMom your hug is greatfully received. Sending an electronic one back!

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