A date has been set :D

Today has been busy... this week has been busy for that matter. Today two very close friends of mine got married in a lovely humanist ceremony (not nudest before I am asked). Peter and I have helped a lot the last week... to the point that they burst into tears and thanked us in front of everyone. Everything went really smoothly and was brilliant... they both deserve all the happiness in the world as they have been through a lot of adversity. I have sort of been adopted by the family of one of my friends... her mum loves me and wants me to visit them in Torquay when I can and her sister actually lied to the nurses at the hospital and said I was her son. Unfortunately she had to miss the wedding because she has pnumonia and has been hospitalised up here... it looks like she may miss her train back as well which may be a good thing as she would be better off flying for 90 minutes than sitting on a train for 14 hours.

Now.. we come to the second bit of amazing news today... after many years of threatening to do it Peter and me have set a date to get married: 15 May 2015 :-) I am so happy... even pain seems like a trivial thing right now. We told everyone at the wedding, a couple of close friends and I am going to tell you all on here but that is it because we are going to wait until formally announcing it until we have had time to tell our parents in person. The reason it is 2015 and not next year is because Peter's sister is getting married next year so we want to allow them time to have their moment in the sun as it were.

I will probably regret this but any one on here who wishes to come to the reception is more than welcome... as for the actual wedding I need to work out how many people I can invite to know how many invites I have for fibro friends.

Den and Heather with the lady who performed the ceremony :D

Annie, Den's parent's boxer dog who I have made good friends with the last week... she is lovely

I am so happy for you to. The time will fly by have someone take lots of pictures to post. Also happy for the couple and their union.

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I am very happy for you. :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you and Peter! This is good news, Mike! Congrats!

Hi Mike!

It's so refreshing to get some uplifting news on here! Congratulations to you both! That surely is exciting and you will have plenty of time to plan and have the wedding just the way you would like. I am very happy for you and wish you many more wonderful year's together you so deserve it!



Thank you to everyone who has replied... Still so happy today... I cannot stop smiling lol xx

Hi Mike your friends look very happy in the picture. If you and Peter were involved in planning the wedding I’m sure it was wonderful.

Congratulations to you and Peter, it’s great that you have set the date. Time will go quicker than you think and the day will be here. Take your time in planning the wedding but start early. Will Rossi be in the wedding party, he would look great with a bow tie, or carrying a basket of flowers.

Keep on smiling; it’s not only great for your relationship but also for your health.

Gentle hugs, B2chi

Dearest Mike,

I was just thinking how you and I have passed the year mark on our friendship.

I am soooo happy for you!!! You and Peter make a wonderful couple and the months will fly by and you will be married before you know it!!!

Keep smiling & fill me in on all your great wedding plans!!!

With Love & Hugs,

I am going to have Rossi dressed in a doggy tuxedo if I can xx

It does not seem that long in a way... and in other ways I feel I have known you for much longer. I will post some details of the plans on here in the future and email you a link xx