A couple of quotes for you all

Not feeling well at all but I wanted to at reply to my messages and leave you with these: Sending gentle hugs to all:

  1. I’m starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door opens!

  2. I see people around my age mountain climbing. I feel good getting my leg through my underwear without losing my balance!

LOL - So SAD - But I can really relate to #2!!!

Thank you for being our ray of sunshine each day, Gramybear.

I don’t feel well today either. I went to the doc and had to decide between getting an injection in my wrist or my lower back. My back was screaming YES!!! but I went with the wrist since I have to type to get a paycheck…
Hope you are feeling better soon. Gentle hugs right back! :purple_heart:

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Oh, I can SO relate to #2! Seems most days I can’t.

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I wish you could an injection in both areas but understand why they can’t do that. I sure hope you feel better soon!!! Hugs

Hope you are all feeling better soon be kind to yourselves and do not over do things . Annette.(Mod Squad)

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I hate the dizziness I get and feeling so off balance. There are so many multitudes and facets of this disease, and unfortunately so many people cannot understand what we go through. If only they would listen and educate themselves. I am fortunate that my family and friends understand or know others who suffer the same fate as we do, but not everyone is that blessed and that saddens me.

I know you said that you walk a lot in town, alone. Has anyone in your family thought about getting you a medical alert device that you could press if you get dizzy and fall? Or, at the least, do you keep a cell phone handy to contact your family if you are alone and have a spell? I am glad they understand, and are looking out for you! :blue_heart:

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No, I do have Molly with me no matter where I go and I have a cell phone that I keep with me and I only use it for emergencies and to make my monthly call in order to keep it. I prefer landlines and sending greeting cards to friends and family. I don’t like e cards or anything impersonal. Hugs

I, too, prefer greeting cards! People probably think we’re a couple of ancient dinosaurs! Unfortunately, the shut-in depression and hand/wrist pain has kept me from sending out the cards I usually do. What a crazy year it has been!

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I have an address book that has the 12 months in the front so I check it at the end of the month for the next month’s birthdays and send them out. I don’t think we are dinosaurs!! LOL… I think we just like to make people smile!! I’ve had friends say my cards somehow always come when they need them the most. I can usually tell if someone is depressed or having a hard time so I send out supportive cards. I can’t afford Hallmark cards but our Dollar Store has a beautiful assortment and they aren’t cheap. They are 2 for $1.00 so I figure that makes up for the stamps I have to buy. Because I live in a Mobile Home park and CVS pharmacy carries stamps, it’s easy for me to send them. So sorry about your wrist!!!

Yes! I think people would be surprised how beautiful and low priced the cards are at dollar stores. The mark up in price is pretty crazy at regular stores!
Hope you are having a good day today. Ever since I got my wrist injection, a few days ago, my body pain has calmed a little. I think, sometimes, the mental anguish from severe pain can make us hurt all over even more.

You are absolutely right about how different types of pain can effect our minds and our bodies. I’ve found that most people with physical pain also have depression and people with depression oftentimes have physical pain. And it’s also absolutely understandable why they go hand in hand. Yes, the cards now at the Dollar Tree are actually very pretty now. Some are Dayspring and some are actually Hallmark! Then we can walk across the street to Dollar General and they want twice as much for their cards. No thanks. LOL… Same with our new store, the Family Dollar. I do want to say how happy I am that you are finally getting some relief from your wrist pain!!! I hope it lasts.

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