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Hi everyone i am struggling at the moment.This crippling depression has gotten a bit worse as im at an 8 all day every day and it puts me in a bad mood.It's wearing me out trying to hold it all together but im trying.Managed to read tuesday and yesterday which im delighted about and i bought two pc games to treat myself (time keeper and skyrim).I got a new key worker for my mental health but i keep missing appts because of bad fibro fog.I constantly get told "lose weight you will be better then" or "if you exercise that will help" um no those statements are untrue i think.I haven't found exercise has helped me in any way only made me worse.

I am a recovering alcoholic and i was doing online secular meetings and there was a chat there too.I was bullied in those meetings and the chatroom *sigh* i was called lazy for being on disability and being in bed all day.I was angry and called the person out and he backtracked.So im kinda stressed and my pain is worse.Sorry for all the rambling i would have posted a blog but they are closing down apparently.

Hi Qp. Was just on my way offline but I saw your post and read it . I know you have many struggles and you are always taking positive steps to combat them . Some days are harder than others , I know . I admire you for not giving up as well as your friendliness to old and new friends .

I am keeping good thoughts for you .




You will find that not many people will understand your Fibro. disability is not easy for any of us who have to go on it or try to get on it. You have an addiction and then to top it off you have Fibro. tough row to hoe.... but stay strong and keep pushing...

Huggs, Belinda

Queen, If you have a smartphone, check out some of the reminder apps to help keep you on top of your mental health appointments. I find burdens are that much easier when shared with someone who understands how to really listen.
For apps, I use Evernote for my Android, but have heard good things about Alarmed for iPhone. I am sure there are others, too.

Thanks ladies for your replies and your kind words and wisdom.I look into those apps baltimore baby thank you for the tip :)