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6 Benefits of Cryotherapy for Body and Soul

I’m seriously looking into this work for the chronic pain issues and my worse joints like knee.

Here is info about Localized Cryo as well. Which I’m considering foremost.

And I’m talking to my grandgirl who has gone to work for a Cryo Clinic here in Los Angeles.

This could HELP many with their Chronic Pain issues.

If you try it, please update us!!

Oh absolutely. I’ll probably go for it first of March.

I get so flared up when I get cold. (I live in a very cold climate). Winters are already hard on my body; I just can’t see how this could benefit me. I guess I need to read up on it more.

it’s 20 degrees below zero here windchill RIGHT NOW. I am going to strip naked and hobble outside for FREE treatment. — i have seen this on Animal Planet where vets zero in on arthritic joints for kangaroos and horses. I’ll be interested on hearing how it works for you, jamin. :slight_smile:

I don’t know IF I’ll ever do the whole chamber thing but hope to do localized cryo work next month. The Finns and Swedes are known for this cold dipping too.

If and when it happens, it will take my grandgirl’s prodding to do it as she works at a clinic, Next Health, and sees and assists people doing them all day and she does them herself.

It’s not the same COLD as we have outdoors in our weather. You live where it’s 20 below, sure glad I came to CA over 50 yrs ago.

When I did a search of Fibromyalgia and Cryotherapy a few hits came up, this one of them. I don’t know how much pain everyone is in but I’d sure not dismiss this if I were in horrid pain. I manage my pain pretty well with what I do, and Yes, I’d like to be out of pain, but don’t see that. I deal with a lot of arthritis.

I didn’t thing advertising was allowed here?

Hi Mimi
You’ve pointed out something interesting. We encourage members to share information and experiences, and sometimes that means they post links to articles, or even advertisements to illustrate their point. That’s not really advertising.

But (you knew this was coming, :wink: ) if someone posts an piece of promotional material for its own sake, and not to illustrate what they are saying, that’s altogether different. Or if someone posts the same thing over and over, or they add comments like, email me and I’ll order it for you …well, then we’ve got a situation.

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