3D Body Paint

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks photoset. Next week we may have camouflaged animals I think. Let me know your opinions xx

VERY cool !

Wow looks so real… Theses are way cool !


So do you think that I should make this a Sunday thing... a different photoset every week?


Oh if only it was so easy to repair all of us. Creepy but cool.



Hi mike

Wow what talented artists!!! They are incredible.
I think your idea is good, however I don’t have such pics to share, but I would certainly enjoy viewing and commenting on any that other members post.
Hope you are well.

I'm with Bev. I don't even have a tattoo to share...yet! This is really incredible, but nothing to share.


Those were amazing!

Thanks for sharing.


These are amazing Mike, would be great to a look at them every Sunday. Wish I actually had a zipper in the front it would have made multiple surgeries a lot easier. Love all the pictures you post, keep on posting

Gentle Hugs

A zipper would be good for all of us... even if just to undo it and check that things are still doing well lol. I will get to uploading a new set every week :D x


I'll be watching for your post on Sunday. I've been having a really hard time with depression but the pictures of everyone's pets and these, actually have brought me joy.

I am glad to hear that... It may sound weird but having something to focus on is doing me lots of good as well :D xx