30,000 year old cave art, discovered in the Chauret-Pont-deArc cave in France

Yes, this is certainly off topic, but I wanted to share this with you, it is the oldest painting known to man at this moment, and breathtakingly beautiful! It was discovered in 1994!


Hope you are filling better. I loved this cave art has always fascinated me.

Me too, much of the ancient world has fascinated me since I was very young! The caves of Ajanta in India look pretty spectacular too!


I had BIG plans to see many of the ancient splendors, but then I became ill, it's hard enough just to ride to the grocery store and get through it! Oh well, I'm so thankful for my HBO; Showtime and internet access, those are my links to the world, and I'm now an armchair traveler!


My big dream was to see the pyramids and temples of Egypt, and I managed to get there in the 1980's so that dream came true! I have read about them all of my life, seen about every possible photo, and nothing prepares you for their magnitude, genius, and breath-taking beauty!

I am feeling better, thanks! Will be even better when the upstairs is complete and the fumes from paint, mineral spirits, and floor urethane are long gone!

How are you, Purplebutterfly?