3 good days in a row?

I live in Vermont and deal with awful winters and the cold just aggravates my fibro. The past few days have been sunny and 80 and I’m loving it! Almost no body pain and so much more energy! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this many good days, must have been last summer. Times like this really remind me that I can get through this.

Just wanted to share my happiness with you all and hope you’re having good days as well (:

Hi Victoria!

So glad the sun is finally shining for you! There is even sun here, after incessant rain, even flood warnings. I was telling my Mom that the trees will be in full leaf before we are able to be out and about in the sunshine again.

Besides the cold, the low barometric pressure that happens with snow and rain just makes us 'thump'! So enjoy the good, sunny days!

Good to hear from you!