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Are you in crisis, or maybe even feeling suicidal? Do need someone to listen and to support you right now? Take a deep breath, and find the helpline in your country: USA https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Canada …

Feeling very sad and unloved (13)
Should’ve known! (8)
They keep taking away my meds; I don't want to live like this! (16)
Please tell me the truth no matter what the answer is (20)
Organizing a Support Group (4)
Music therapy (5)
Having a very rough day (8)
New Lows (4)
Frustrated, Scared, Depressed ( 2 ) (27)
What do you do when you just CAN'T? I don't know what I'm gonna do (6)
Aaah here we go (2)
Need a vacation from this pain (8)
Feeling down about having to take medication (1)
A little annoyed (12)
Just need to let it out (8)
I can't get out if my bed (12)
Embarrassed by low productivity ( 2 ) (29)
"You're just exaggerating." "It's not that bad, you'll live." (19)
Heavy Heart (6)
Having a rough go of things (4)
Managing but it is a struggle (9)
Need a friend on here (15)
Want to talk but feel embarrassed (3)
I need some friends (8)
Fibro and your love life (17)
Not doing so well (3)
Explaining fibro to those who have no idea (11)
Fibromyalgia and sex (5)