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Are you in crisis, or maybe even feeling suicidal? Do need someone to listen and to support you right now? Take a deep breath, and find the helpline in your country: USA https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Canada …

Should’ve known! (8)
They keep taking away my meds; I don't want to live like this! (16)
Please tell me the truth no matter what the answer is (20)
Organizing a Support Group (4)
Music therapy (5)
Having a very rough day (8)
New Lows (4)
Frustrated, Scared, Depressed ( 2 ) (27)
What do you do when you just CAN'T? I don't know what I'm gonna do (6)
Aaah here we go (2)
Need a vacation from this pain (8)
Feeling down about having to take medication (1)
A little annoyed (12)
Just need to let it out (8)
I can't get out if my bed (12)
Embarrassed by low productivity ( 2 ) (29)
"You're just exaggerating." "It's not that bad, you'll live." (19)
Heavy Heart (6)
Having a rough go of things (4)
Managing but it is a struggle (9)
Need a friend on here (15)
Want to talk but feel embarrassed (3)
I need some friends (8)
Fibro and your love life (17)
Not doing so well (3)
Explaining fibro to those who have no idea (11)
Fibromyalgia and sex (5)
One thing after another (8)